Glow Up Facial Oil

Donna Marie

100% natural solution to super dry, normal and combination skin.  Rich in fatty acids, this non pore clogging facial oil combo will give you amazingly soft, glowing skin.  Powered by:

Rosehip oil- An incredibly softening powerhouse oil that evens skin tone, softens without feeling greasy

Sweet Almond Oil-rich in Vitamins A +  E and able  to clean pores and lightly soften

Argan oil- anti-inflammatory and high in Vitamins A + E + omega fatty acids, this oil soothes the skin, clears blemishes and deeply penetrates the skin,

Rose Essential oil-balances moisture, gentle enough for sensitive skin and heals inflammation in dry skin

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Rosehip seed oil, Argan oil, Rose essential oil, jojoba oil, rose petals


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